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What is Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy?

Continuing our blog series about the different types of talking therapies and what they all mean and how they can help, this week we are focusing on Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy.

What is Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy?

This talking therapy can help with depression which may be caused by emotional and relationship problems. It focuses more on your past experiences, and is sometimes used if you have tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and found that it wasn’t for you.

DIT can help you to understand how you see yourself and how you think other people might see you. It can also help you to look at how you connect with your friends, family or your partner, and how your actions may be related to something you’re struggling with.

You do not have to have a diagnosis of depression to access this talking therapy.

What does a DIT session look like?

During a session, you may find that your therapist is sometimes quiet, as a prompt for you to think through your thoughts yourself – try not to be alarmed by this, as a big part of this talking therapy is about you working through what is on your mind and coming up with solutions and answers yourself.

You may also find that your therapist does not directly answer your questions, as they may be interested in why you have asked that question. Don’t worry, your therapist is there for you if you find this difficult at first.

What can DIT help with?

  • Relationship problems
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling low or depressed

We’re here to listen, however you’re feeling.

Dynamic interpersonal therapy

Published date:

18th July 2023

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