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What Happens Next

Follow our simple step by step guide below to ensure you get the right support you need.

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Recognising How You're Feeling

Well done on recognising that you need some professional support – that’s a really hard first step to take and you’ve done it.

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Getting Support

Your next step is to self-refer to our talking therapies service by calling, texting or filling out our online form. Once you have completed your referral process, one of our providers will be in touch to book you in for your initial assessment chat.

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Initial Assessment

During your initial assessment, your therapist will ask you question to find out:

  • What’s been causing you concern
  • Decide together what support would be best for you
  • Talk you through what happens next
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Getting You the Right Support

It can feel a big step to ask for help with your mental health and it’s perfectly natural to feel worried. Our service providers will support you along every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.

Our therapists will ensure that you get the right support for what you need now. this might not be a talking therapy and can refer you to other local places for more appropriate support too. We’re with you every the step of the way.