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Mental Health Webinars

What is a webinar?

  • A webinar is a live online event delivered by 2 therapists on Microsoft Teams
  • A webinar is a workshop designed to provide and teach techniques for managing specific mental health struggles, using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • A webinar is informal, friendly and interactive!

What can I expect from a Mental Health Webinar?

  • 1hr30 sessions each week for 5 weeks
  • On average 50 participants in a group
  • Weekly relaxation practice at the end of each session
  • Flexible times – we have morning, afternoon and evening webinars to fit your schedule
  • Confidentiality – you will not be able to see or hear other participants, and they will not be able to see or hear you
  • Support – the facilitators are on hand to answer any questions or concerns in real time
  • Shared experience – while the webinars are confidential and there is absolutely no expectation, you can share your thoughts, questions and answers with other participants anonymously if you would like to: you are not alone in this!


How can I get the most out of it?

We want you to get the most out of our services, we recommend:


We encourage you to attend ALL sessions so you can maximise the benefits; please be aware that 2 missed sessions will result in discharge  


You can type questions and answers into the interactive Q&A features and share your experiences where you feel comfortable


Each week’s session will be supplemented by a booklet containing all of the information covered and lots of activities for you to do to practice your new skills at home

Home practice

Each week you will be set simple homework tasks, such as keeping a thought diary or listing your coping strategies; on average we would encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes a day on home practice, dependent on the task

Revisiting the information regularly

All the webinars are recorded and available for you to rewatch and review for 6 months to consolidate your learning

“The members of staff on the webinars were excellent, really inclusive, relatable and open. Made it much easier to send messages and engage with the activities.”

Current webinars

The current mental health webinars we run are:

  • Managing Low Mood
  • Worry Management
  • Overcoming Panic

What you will learn

Here’s what to expect from our mental health webinars:

Managing Low Mood:

Session 1: Introduction to CBT, what is low mood and SMART goals

Session 2: The impact of behaviour and Behavioural Activation

Session 3: Barriers to Behavioural Activation, boosting motivation and problem solving

Session 4: Self-care, including sleeping, eating well and relaxation

Session 5: Impact of thoughts, thought challenging and mindfulness Session 6: Relapse Prevention, staying well and planning for the future


Worry Management:

Session 1: Introduction to CBT and ‘what is worry’?

Session 2: What maintains worry, writing worries down and categorising worries

Session 3: Worry Time, barriers to worry time and refocusing techniques

Session 4: Problem Solving, procrastination and goal-setting

Session 5: Relapse Prevention and wellbeing check-in


Overcoming Panic:

Session 1: Understanding panic, phobias and panic disorder

Session 2: Breaking free from panic disorder and panic cycles

Session 3: Graded Exposure, how to do it and managing obstacles

Session 4: Overcoming barriers to Graded Exposure and getting organised

Session 5: Managing and challenging thoughts

Session 6: Relapse Prevention, staying well and making a plan for the future

Webinars are available after your assessment, after you have self referred to the service. If you have any questions about the webinars, please contact our admin team on 0330 094 5595.