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Talking Therapies for Couples

What is Talking Therapies for Couples?

Behavioural couples therapy (BCT) and couple counselling for depression (CCfD) are two of the talking therapies we offer.

Your therapist will work with you as a couple to help you understand how and why difficulties have happened in past and present relationships.

It’s a chance to meet with a fully trained therapist to talk openly and honestly, in a safe and confidential space. Both people are given a chance to reflect and work through what is causing issues in the relationship.

Which Couples Talking Therapy is Right for Me?

Couples can find it difficult to talk openly and honestly. Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT) and Couples Counselling for Depression (CCfD) are two types of talking therapy which helps to offer a neutral, fair and safe space to discuss ideas.

Our talking therapies for couples also help people suffering from depression by using the relationship as a resource to help support the individual and their partner.

These therapies are ‘evidence-based’ therapy, as research has shown that these kinds of couple therapy works. There are other types of talking therapies that can help individuals suffering from anxiety and depression; however, ours focuses on the relationship in the context of depression.

Your trained therapist will give you time and space to chat through relationship issues and offer practical tools to manage these in the future.

How Are These Therapies Delivered?

Couples talking therapies usually include several sessions over a set amount of time and are delivered either face-to-face or via a video call by a trained therapist.

You and your partner will work together on any issues and find practical ways to help resolve these problems.

We offer these therapies across Kent and Medway including face-to-face, over the phone, via an online video call, and using digital talking therapies as well.

How Do I Access Behavioural Couples Therapy?

Tell us how you’re feeling to find out which couples talking therapy is right for you and get in touch with your local service provider to book your assessment:

Getting Couples Therapy Can Help You Manage Feelings of…