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I Feel Low

Understanding Feeling Low and Sadness

It’s perfectly natural to feel low, sad, or fed-up sometimes. Our mood can go up and down for all kinds of reasons. And usually, these feelings pass in due course.

Sometimes it is easy to understand why we’re feeling low, such as if we have experienced a particularly sad experience, such as a bereavement, loss of job, or particularly stressful time of year.

At other times, there might not be an obvious reason for feeling low or sad.

But if low mood is interfering with your life and does not go away after a couple of weeks, or if these feelings come back repeatedly, then this could be a sign of depression.

What Causes Low Mood?

Everyone’s mood can go up and down; that’s to be expected. And low mood can affect us all in very different ways.

There are a lot of things that can result in you feeling low, and the experience  differs from person to person.

Feeling low can be caused by:

life events icon

Significant Life Events

Past experience icon

Past Experiences

Mental Problems icon

Mental health problems

Physical Problems icon

Physical health problems

What are the Symptoms of Feeling Low?

When someone is experiencing symptoms of low mood, they may stop doing the activities they enjoy, distance themselves from loved ones, or have difficulty sleeping.

Some typical symptoms of feeling low, sad, or if have had a low mood for over two weeks could include:

Depression - Down icon

Feeling Down

Bubble exclamation mark

Frustration or Anger

Sleeping issues icon

Sleeping Issues

Appetite changes icon

Appetite Changes

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Suicidal Thoughts

Anti social icon

Anti Social

Without treatment and support, continued low mood can have a negative impact on your relationships, work, finances, and overall health, so it is important to get help.

What Support is Available for Feeling Low?

Luckily, there are ways to overcome low mood, so you don’t have to continue feeling the way you are. It is important to seek help for low mood if you have been feeling down for a while.

Get in touch with one our local service providers, who will work with you to find the right support service for you. Find out more about each of the talking therapy services we currently provide across Kent and Medway.