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I Have a Long Term Condition

Understanding Long-Term Health Conditions and Mental Health

There is a strong connection between our physical and mental health; when our physical health is affected, our mood and mental health is too.

Experiencing health issues can be worrying or upsetting, and being diagnosed with a long-term health condition (such as Diabetes, Long-Covid, or Cancer) can change your life.

How Can Talking Therapies Help with Long-Term Health Conditions?

Getting diagnosed with a long-term condition can drastically change your life. Some conditions can cause pain or fatigue, making it difficult to accomplish things you enjoy. It has the power to alter your perception of yourself and your life in many ways. Coping with long term health condition can be difficult and might lead to feelings of depression, frustration, upset, or anger.

Coping with long-term health condition can cause social isolation, low self-esteem, stigma, and prejudice. When dealing with the pain, testing, treatments, or flare-ups, you may feel overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, or stressed.

All of these emotions can make you more likely to develop a long-term mental health problem too. Mental health issues can therefore make it more difficult to deal with your physical health condition.

Acting early will help you understand and deal with the many effects of a long-term illness. Learning to manage stress will help you to maintain a positive physical, emotional and spiritual outlook on life.

What Support is Available for Long-Term Health Conditions?

And while we can’t help to reduce the physical impacts of your health condition, we can support you to develop ways to help you cope with your health condition and manage your feelings with practical talking therapies and support.

We’ll also provide links to other local organisations who can help with other issues such as debt, relationship difficulties, and employment advice relating to your long-term condition too.

Get in touch with one our service providers, who will work with you to find a local service that is most suited to your needs. Explore some of the talking therapies we currently provide across Kent and Medway.