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I Feel Lonely

Understanding Loneliness

Most people feel lonely sometimes, for many different reasons. But continuous feelings of loneliness can lead to someone becoming anxious or depressed.

You may feel lonely for a variety of reasons, and because loneliness is a personal experience, everyone’s experience will differ.

And loneliness is not always the same as being alone. You may have lots of people around you, be in a relationship, or be part of a family, or community but can still feel lonely – especially if you don’t feel understood or supported by the people around you.

If you want to feel more connected to the people around you, we can help with the right talking therapy or support for you.

What Causes Loneliness and Why You Might Be Feeling Lonely?

Loneliness has many different causes, and it can affect everyone. You do not have to be on your own all the time to feel lonely. Loneliness can be caused by extended periods of isolation or significant life events:

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Heartbreak icon

Heart Break

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Life Changes

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Starting University

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Seasonal Occassions

Some people might find it hard to explain to others why they feel lonely but talking to someone could help you find a solution.

What are Loneliness Symptoms?

Loneliness symptoms and signs can differ depending on who you are and your situation. If you consistently feel some or all of the following, you may be dealing with chronic loneliness:

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Worry icon


Appetite changes icon

Changing Appetite

Sleeping issues icon

Sleeping Issues

What Support is Available to Help with Loneliness?

Luckily, feeling lonely does not have to continue. If you have a strong sense of loneliness that you are unable to shift, it may be time to speak to someone. There are many support methods that can help with loneliness and will provide you with a deeper understanding of where these feelings stem from and how to manage them if they arise in the future.

Contact one of our service providers who will connect you with the right support service for you. In the meantime, you can explore some of the talking therapy services we offer across Kent and Medway.