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Am I ‘unwell enough’ to access a talking therapy?

Lots of us assume that we have to be at rock bottom to need therapy– that’s simply not true. It’s really important to get more support as early as possible to help manage how you’re feeling.

Here are our top five reasons why getting support early on is helpful:

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It’s an alternative to self-medicating

There’s nothing wrong with taking prescribed medication to help with your mental and physical health. But if you’re self-medicating and using alcohol, drugs, or other substances to help, it can have a lasting, negative impact. Accessing Medway talking therapies early on could be all the treatment you need and give you practical ways to manage your mental health in the future too.

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Our therapists are impartial and nonjudgmental

It’s important to talk to you friends, family and colleagues about how you’re feeling so they know how to support you. But sometimes it can be harder to talk to someone you know, for fear of being judged. A therapist will listen nonjudgmentally, help you  work through your feelings and see things from a different perspective.

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Talking therapies can help with lots of problems

NHS Talking Therapies, Kent and Medway offer a range of free NHS talking therapies. Some are for specific mental health issues such as depression, stress and anxiety while others can help with a combination of emotions. Our team of therapists will work with you to find the best option for you.

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Talking therapies can help you manage your mental health in the future

It’s normal for life  to have its ups and downs. Our  free NHS talking therapies help you cope with the ‘here and now’ and also give you practical tools to help you manage your mental health in the future.

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You can access talking therapies in a way that suits you

Life can be busy so we offer free NHS talking therapies in a variety of ways that fit around your commitments. Our talking therapies can be delivered at different times and in a variety of ways, such as face-to-face, through online video sessions or via digital technologies too. We also offer group or individual therapy.

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Published date:

21st September 2022

In partnership with:

NHS Talking Therapies, Kent and Medway

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